Bong Breaker – Mountain (2014)


Dutch Band Brings Dutch Lighting Doom

Bong Breaker, one of Holland’s best doom start-ups, has released their first full-length album last month following their demo dropped in 2012. Their sound is carried by clean vocals over loose hills of thoughtful riffs and percussion. Upon first listen, I was reminded of Fu Manchu and Nebula, only Bong Breaker’s riffs are faster and slower than the fastest and slowest those two ever recorded. There is no sloppiness about these guys and I can appreciate the imaginative breakdowns that keep each track pumping past those continuously copied stoner riffs; although I love those riffs. Bong Breaker’s ‘Mountain’ is Wilmar Timmerman(vocals and bass) and Mink Koops(drums).

‘Mountain’ has 6 hefty tracks that mark the band’s territory in the world of stoner rock. The album is recklessly original when it comes to it’s creative direction. The best example of this can be heard in the track “Sins.” The track starts off with a classic riff descending to a slower and heavier rhythm that is trekked until about 06:30 when a series of pounding guitars and mellow drums followed by 9 seconds of surprising funk divot the course of the song, temporarily. I didn’t see this as a negative direction for the track, especially once the funk stopped and the slowest huskiest riff was brought in to close it out. This is done often with slow-motion video work; an editor will speed up the footage meant to play at real speed to make the slowed clips look slower in comparison. The funk had a higher mood and skittish feel but when that riff came around, the mood began to cry thunder. Ending the album, the title track leads in like a body being dragged through the desert. Then around 03:15 you’re sure to be reminded of Kerry King’s work from ‘South of Heaven’(Slayer). The songs continues with improvising and conjunctive grooves that seal off a much anticipated great album from Bong Breaker.

Every track here is unique and well composed for it’s genre. If you liked the stoner rock bands of the Palm Desert Scene in California then you’ll love these guys. The style they bring will deviate the dirt-kicking sound through today’s curve around radio imprisonment and compliance. Their bandcamp link is listed below.