Child – ‘Child’ (2014)


Lookout For The Fuzz…Down Under.

Let us not confuse Child with the other bands of the same name or conversions of the word “child” and “band” because there are many. And they scatter from Seattle to the UK. This “Child” band is from Melbourne, Australia and formed in 2012 with Mathais Northway(guitar/vocals), Jayden Ensor(bass), and Michael Lowe(drums/percussion). Child’s anatomy is like a stoner rock skeleton with a 1960s Mississippi blues spinal cord that puts more soul into each verse and riff than we’ve ever seen in the last 30 years of Psych rock. Mathias’ 90’s-style tone brings a murky water soaked approach to rock while paying homage to bands like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. ‘Child’ is a completely original sound and this album doesn’t come up short of the fuzz either.

Child’s much-awaited self-titled album is heavy, hairy, and whole-hearted. There is as much soul in this album than a B.B. King record. The parallel strides of Jayden and Mathias are nothing less than extraordinary compliments of the diversity of blues rock. Their album on bandcamp starts with “Trees;” it’s a stoner blues band, of course they’re going to start with trees. Riffing right out of the box then slowing to a self-loathing blues tempo, this track exhibits the core of the band’s uniqueness in style. This is a track every blues fan can relate to and it’s too easy to get lost in both lyrics and melody. Another high point of mention is their last track, “Blue Overtone Storm/Yellow Planetary Sun.” There is a harder push and pull to this track, almost psych-rock or whiskey-rage blues. For those who like the black hole of stoner rock, this ones for you. It stands as the longest track on the album at just over ten minutes and at the halfway point things start to get real slow and spacey. ‘Child’ is already one of our favorite offerings of the year.

In sum, the whole album feels good to listen to because its sounds not of this time. I would have dated it to the 1960s right next to the pioneers of their sound if I hadn’t had proper investigation. They are refreshingly different for what we have heard in the last few decades and they have taken the foundation of rock and refurbished it for 2014 with the same nostalgic sound that turned people on fifty years ago. Some things never change, others shouldn’t change; we’re excited to say Child is living proof of that sound. Buy their album at and get lost in their long and curlys.