Magic Mountain Band – ‘Wilderman’ (2014)


The Clearest Way Into The Universe Is Through A Forest Wilderness – John Muir

Music of the slightest tranquility will put most of us to sleep, but when it’s this cinematic, when it’s this creative and this good, sleeping is the last outcome after impression. Magic Mountain Band is the second group in a row from Melbourne, Australia who has opened our eyes to our Pacific neighbors we have over looked since Nick Cave left The Birthday Party. Their music is completely instrumental, very earthy, spatially cosmic and inspired from the expansive landscapes of Australia. This is music you will truly get lost in whether it’s a short break from work or a remedy soundtrack to heal the day. Upon first listen our designer coined them, “The Australian Headdress.” Headdress is a psychedelic-drone band from Texas encompassing camp vibes, American Indian rituals, and nature influences. Magic Mountain Band is Brett Langsford(guitar, producer), Jack Monte(guitar), Danny McKenna(drums/percussion), Joe Cope(Hammond organ, piano), and Joe Talia(bass, engineering/mixing).

‘Wilderman’ dropped last week on This is their first full album on sale to the masses online and in 12” vinyl. After listening to the first track I grazed upon, “Into The Wild,” I knew these guys had the substance that took Explosions In The Sky and Godspeed You Black Emperor! to what they are today- though widely used in cinema, they maintain a below the surface appearance for the preservation of their sound. Going back to “Into The Wind,” maracas, resonating drums, and guitars ramping complexity set mood for this Jon Muir themed track. The song builds on exhilaration of independence, just as the title implies, but there is a composition throughout that will leave chills of flawless orchestrated performance. The following track, “Vaquero,” offers less intense stimuli but compensates with peaceful western duel-themes that thread into a melody reminiscent of wind rolling over grassy knolls. The entire album is perfectly composed for its time and style, because it doesn’t sound from today; it sounds of nostalgic wilderness.

If you like the spacey vibes, rolling rhythms, and cinematic composition of instrumental rock, pick this album up. Worth every coin, ‘Wilderman’ is the perfect set of zone tracks for the out of body listening experience, or as mentioned before, a way to turn off your day and get in touch with realness. Plus, the guys of Magic Mountain Band back John Muir, winning.