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The Curse of Bombay Beach


I have heard the quote, “What we don’t know cant hurt us,” but my first trip to Bombay Beach takes the cake for blind fear. My day began at 3:30am Sunday November 3, 2013. My set alarm unresting my eyes to a focal point; I was already dressed from the night before. The plan was to arrive at dawn, capturing the blanket of light over the western mountains as the sun sailed across the Sea. Departing from Parker, AZ, I had participated in an annual horseshoe and golf tournament my father has hosted for the past 23 years, I could have used more sleep and hydration. On the road by 4am, I took the 62, a long and lonely 2-lane highway through a desert with no shoulders, lights or life. After an hour I took the 177 South to the 10 West, the first highway on this commute with more cars than silt. The 10 West connects to the 86 South, which you need to take down to 66th Ave East to reach highway 111. The 111 gives access to the entire Eastside of the Sea, including Bombay Beach. Read More


Windhand – Soma


When Great Musicians Come Together.

In the run for 2013 Doom Metal Album of the Year, Windhand’s Soma delivers a fully appreciated sound and track list. It seems more common for bands to lay out 2-3 solid gems while leaving space on the album to test a few lighter joys or obnoxious rant-a-bouts in hopes for wider demographic reach. If Windhand did plan to spread it thin and wide, they either did a great job of masking the crossover or perhaps they were sincere in sing softly other a camp vibe melody like they did in the track “Evergreen.” However they planned this, it’s seamless and it is variety valued. Their other songs are noted as having a syrupy groove, which is valid, but when I hear them I picture Christopher Walken driving a Landkruezer P.1500 Monster tank, sipping Blue Label, while slowly tracking through 20-foot deep wet cement. In other words, success. Read More


Karma to Burn – Wild, Wonderful Purgatory


Pure Southern Power

Karma To Burn formed in 1997 out of Morgantown, Virginia. The original band members included William Mecum(Treasure Cat), Rich Mullins(Speedealer), and Rob Oswald(Nebula). They are classified as a stoner rock instrumental band, positively compared to the Palm Desert scene bands like Kyuss. The only difference, there is no hiding the twang in these boys. They had an interesting approach to pushing themselves through the industry; they called record labels pretending to be other bands raving about their own band. After being signed to Roadrunner Records complications arose in the contract binding them to have vocals. Shortly after the release of their first self-titled album they ditched their vocalist to push their original motive, instrumental desert rock. There was disbandment in 2002, a reunion from 2009-2010, and a joint project with Year Long Disaster that is still active. Today, Karma To Burn is stronger than ever. Read More


Bell Witch – Demo 2011


Can’t Get Enough Red Death!

Before you close the gates on bands with the word “witch” in their title, do yourself the favor of listening to any one track on this demo. Bell Witch is from Seattle, Washington and in my opinion the most deserving of their name. After doing some research I came across a Bell Witch tour in Adams, Tennessee where you can walk by candlelight through the haunted Bell Witch Cave and take canoes around the surrounding river. I can only hope the name was based off this unholy landmark. Bell Witch band is composed of two musicians; Dylan Desmond running bass and Adrian Guerra on drums. Both share vocals on various tracks as well.

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Tides – Resurface


Sometimes It’s Better Without Words

My enthusiasm for instrumental rock bands is the result from a love or hate relationship with any band’s front man. I’m a fan of rock vocals, but upon hearing a new band I often tense up after be hypnotized by a great intro riff and waiting anxiously for the vocals to either do it for me or cause an involuntary zippo-to-disc muscle spasm. On second thought, this act is more of a voluntary one. This anxiety occurs because I feel many vocalized bands either over compensate their pitch or its perfect until the singer ages and I’m unable to revisit my childhood memories of wearing extra large over-ear headphones and unknowingly singing off key to a level that now I have to hear from my favorites in their 60s. That being said, the other day I skimmed through message boards and forums in regards to instrumental psychedelic rock bands and came across a band called Tides. Tides is not to be confused with The Tides, a Northern Ireland pop band that started the same year. The forum posts on Tides were trailed by chains of comments arranged in a confusion of grammatical disasters and horned emoticons; this usually means great things for this genre. Following my curiosity I put their name into Youtube’s search bar and let her rip. Ironically, the track “Resurface” surfaced first and after one play, I realized they were more than appropriate for this review. Tides erected in Plattsburgh, NY with only 3 members and were joined by a second guitarist in 2006. Tides is still active and currently located in Providence, RI.  Read More

Bobby Hundreds: Agenda 2013 // Emerge


Bobby “Bobby Hundreds” Kim shares 5 things he has learned while growing and stabilizing The Hundreds. The Hundreds is a Los Angeles based apparel brand and website ran by Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar with locations across the United States including Santa Monica, San Francisco and New York. Hundreds of fans and entrepreneurs attended this conference at Agenda Emerge 2013; there was much to take in from Bobby and others key speakers including Jeff Staple, Johnny Cupcakes, and Marc Ecko. Enjoi!


Caravan Of Whores – Road To Kurti EP


She’s a Sludge!

Originally our Web Developer/Art Director turned me onto this album. Road To Kurti has a muddy, oil ridden, pitch-black echo of a sound as if funneling through underwater drug tunnels across International borders. Dare I even compare Caravan Of Whores to likes of Bongzilla; Caravan Of Whores is slower, crispier, and more symphonic. The band is resides within the grids of Banbury and Bicester in the Cherwell District of Oxfordshire, UK. Their foundation started shaping in 2002 but the real history was beginning to write itself by 2009. The band underwent directional changes for their sound and members leading to the three standing today which include Jaime Gillet(drums), John Slaymaker(guitar, vocals), and Pete Smith(bass, vocals). “Road To Kurti” is Caravan Of Whores’ second album to “A Cosmic Interlude,” which dropped in January 2011 and is noted as bringing the band closer to the ears of sludge-hungry listeners having an interview and album review posted to Sludgelord(Links at bottom).

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East Village – Encinitas


East Village Asian Diner
628 South coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA 92024

Kimchi-chive bean pancakes, pulled-pork burritos, and the Monk’s Stone Pot entrees are only a few of East Village’s savory staples. Combine those with the friendly staff, early-hours $2 Sapporo and Shaolin Soccer on the TV sets; this is definitely one of North County’s exceptional troughs. East Village’s decor runs along the creative of colorful real Asian block action figures as well as stencils along the brim of the front windows and menus. Capacity is easily filled between the later hours of dinner but the turn around between tables is not long. I doubt the wait is ever longer than 15-20 minutes and even in a pinch for time this place is worth it. Tables are placed with their own EV Soba and Monks sauces, plastic and wood chopsticks and traditional American silverware for those who prefer. East Village has their bases covered with a variety of food items, fun atmosphere and a wall-shelf of Sriracha. They recently opened a second location in Hillcrest. Read More

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