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Bong Breaker – Mountain (2014)


Dutch Band Brings Dutch Lighting Doom Bong Breaker, one of Holland’s best doom start-ups, has released their first full-length album last month following their demo dropped in 2012. Their sound is carried by clean vocals over loose hills of thoughtful riffs and percussion. Upon first listen, I was reminded of Fu Manchu and Nebula, only Read More


Tides – Resurface


Sometimes It’s Better Without Words My enthusiasm for instrumental rock bands is the result from a love or hate relationship with any band’s front man. I’m a fan of rock vocals, but upon hearing a new band I often tense up after be hypnotized by a great intro riff and waiting anxiously for the vocals Read More


Caravan Of Whores – Road To Kurti EP


She’s a Sludge! Originally our Web Developer/Art Director turned me onto this album. Road To Kurti has a muddy, oil ridden, pitch-black echo of a sound as if funneling through underwater drug tunnels across International borders. Dare I even compare Caravan Of Whores to likes of Bongzilla; Caravan Of Whores is slower, crispier, and more Read More


Chelsea Wolfe — Apokalypsis


Swaying Complexity of a Gothic Chant The 2011 album from Chelsea Wolfe, Apokalypsis, is a sound of its own. Chelsea Wolfe is a musician from Los Angeles, California but nothing from her sounds familiar to that area. Instead the trance-like hymns carry you through a black air as you keep searching for the light to Read More


Ancestors — Invisible White


The 2011 EP from this psychedelic stoner metal band from Los Angeles soothes the nerves left blown over by their more heavier albums. This three track issue, Invisible White, sounds very clear with less distortion but it bravely displaces it with elongated melody, which is not easy for many bands of this genre to do. Read More