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Magic Mountain Band – ‘Wilderman’ (2014)


The Clearest Way Into The Universe Is Through A Forest Wilderness – John Muir Music of the slightest tranquility will put most of us to sleep, but when it’s this cinematic, when it’s this creative and this good, sleeping is the last outcome after impression. Magic Mountain Band is the second group in a row Read More


Doug Martsch — Now You Know


If you haven’t heard of Doug Martsch before this write up, keep that information to yourself. Doug was born in Boise, Idaho and is best known from his vocals and guitar of the band Built to Spill. His previous acts include Farm Days and Treepeople.  Now You Know is the only solo album of Doug Read More


Ancestors — Invisible White


The 2011 EP from this psychedelic stoner metal band from Los Angeles soothes the nerves left blown over by their more heavier albums. This three track issue, Invisible White, sounds very clear with less distortion but it bravely displaces it with elongated melody, which is not easy for many bands of this genre to do. Read More


Pallbearer — Sorrow and Extinction


Recently I received a message from our web designer and editor, Tyler, about a band he found while checking the feed of his music news. He sent me a YouTube video of one of their songs and I was blown away. My first impression was “sold!” when I heard the vocals of Brett Campbell, a Read More


The Drowning Men — All of the Unknown


Comfortably Lost Every once in awhile, usually after kicking through the course weeds of trashy noise and broadcast nuisances, I’ll come across a sound that makes me forget what I was looking for. The search for articulate melodies and balanced drums guided by lyrics you actually want complementing each track is often too narrow of Read More