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Child – ‘Child’ (2014)


Lookout For The Fuzz…Down Under. Let us not confuse Child with the other bands of the same name or conversions of the word “child” and “band” because there are many. And they scatter from Seattle to the UK. This “Child” band is from Melbourne, Australia and formed in 2012 with Mathais Northway(guitar/vocals), Jayden Ensor(bass), and Read More


Bong Breaker – Mountain (2014)


Dutch Band Brings Dutch Lighting Doom Bong Breaker, one of Holland’s best doom start-ups, has released their first full-length album last month following their demo dropped in 2012. Their sound is carried by clean vocals over loose hills of thoughtful riffs and percussion. Upon first listen, I was reminded of Fu Manchu and Nebula, only Read More


Mount Salem – Endless


Heavy Residents of Chiraq Starting off with a personal quote from Charles Manson usually isn’t how you win over a crowd but luckily for us, a riff as heavy as his sentence follows the quote. I found myself replaying track one simply just to hear the quote. Mount Salem is a female lead Doom Rock Read More


Dopelord – Magick Rites


Dopelord brings weighted bluesy doom in its best form. From across the pond, Poland is making a lot of noise. In 2010, Dopelord formed in Lublin and debuted their first full-length album in 2012, Magick Rites. The northern areas of Europe are known for some of the darkest and heaviest metal to hit the underground Read More


Windhand – Soma


When Great Musicians Come Together. In the run for 2013 Doom Metal Album of the Year, Windhand’s Soma delivers a fully appreciated sound and track list. It seems more common for bands to lay out 2-3 solid gems while leaving space on the album to test a few lighter joys or obnoxious rant-a-bouts in hopes Read More


Trouble In The Wind


Carlsbad’s Delta Fast Step I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this band perform twice in the last eight days. The first show being the Carlsbad Music Festival, where they played more than one stage; the second show being this last Saturday in Leucadia for the “Summer Fun on the 101” event. Trouble In the Wind Read More


Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away


Nick Cave – Push The Sky Away (2013) A Test of Longevity From The Boys Next Door/The Birthday Party to acts with Grinderman and The Bad Seeds, Nick Cave has been enlightening our world of music for a long time. I remember seeing a picture of Cave wearing a t-shirt that displayed “I hate every Read More


Earthless — Rhythms of a Cosmic Sky


A Sound Far Far Away… Shut it and play. That’s all I can think of when I hear Earthless. They are the cure to revive me from my spent energy translating Norwegian black metal lyrics as I space out to the calming melodies of grassroot blues with heavy distortion. No lyrics, no problems. This is Read More

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